Production & Supply Chain

If you wish to work with logistics, including production and supply chain in the medtech industry, there are many different opportunities. Typically, this line of work is employed by engineers or people with a master’s degree in Business Economics.

The way in which a new product is produced is a crucial step for companies. When a new product’s development phase is over, it needs to be manufactured. How it is manufactured is important – the processes need to be controlled, and the configuration needs to be well-thought-out in order to ensure a cost-efficient, high-quality product.

In order to be on top of this, you and the production team will control the entire workflow of the production trials.

Supply Chain Management (CSM) in the medtech industry

You will also be given the opportunity to work with Supply Chain Management (CSM) in the medtech industry. An effective logistics- and supply chain is one of the most important factors when it comes to staying competitive. An optimized chain ensures that delivery service, logistical expenses, and stock tie-ups all works in tandem.

As such, you will be working towards making the interplay between the different profiles in all the value-creating activities of a company come together – an optimized supply chain is essential for a healthy business.