Senior Mechanical Engineer

I think that innovation is really important because it pushes the boundary of what’s possible and that’s important when making products that are used in lifesaving procedures. Watch the video below to learn more about Rasmus.

I work with innovation in my job by introducing new processes or methodologies in the development process and working with features that satisfy every evolving use of requirements.

I chose to pursue a career in the MedTech industry because I want to work at a place where both the company and the colleagues always strive for achieving better.

My career in MedTech matches my technological interest because part of my job is understanding and researching new things. These things are not necessarily within the mechanical engineering domain but could for example also be the workflow of a neurosurgeon during an operation.

I hope to make a difference in my career by introducing new innovative products that help surgeons make clinical decisions that are lifesaving.

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